Vanilla & Lace Instructs on a DIY Camera Bag

After Abi’s camera bag was stolen she soon discovered that she couldn’t find a replacement that was both affordable and attractive.  So she took the opportunity to make her own.

Procrastination eventually lead to an idea in the back of my head of just making one myself. And after christmas I found the ideal shape/size purse at target on clearance. I got the rest of the supplies at joann fabric and made it in a night, while watching the beauty and the beast blu-ray. This purse probably wouldnt have been my first choice if I were just picking it out as a purse, but it looks a million times better than any plain camera bag so i’m very pleased! And it all cost less than $20.

Her post is complete with photos and detailed, step-by-step instructions.  It does involve a bit of sewing, but she says it’s not complicated.

A similar but slightly more expensive alternative is to buy a great-looking purse or a bag and drop in a BBP DSLR Camera Insert or Express Insert for DSLR Camera.

Read Abi’s instructions and see her photos here: DIY Camera Purse/Bag

Illustrations: Large Charm Hobo Handbag (Deep Red) and BBP DSLR Camera Insert – Olive.

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