Scott Bourne of Photofocus Shares His Camera Bag Picks

Picking one perfect camera bag can be hard.  So hard, in fact, that Scott Bourne at Photofocus suggests that there are two (and possibly three) kinds of camera bags that everyone should have:

Just as I wouldn’t think of owning just one camera lens, I wouldn’t think of owning just one camera bag. You need different bags for different tasks.

Before I give you my updated picks for best camera bags, let’s discuss some basics.

What do you want your camera bag to do?

In my opinion there are two basic types of camera bags. One type is designed to get your gear TO your location safely. The other is to use WHILE on location. Some people even use a third type of camera bag; the one that stores your gear when not in use at all.

Whichever task you are trying to complete, there are different kinds of camera bags designed to help you accomplish your goals.

Among his favorites are Think Tank Retrospective 20, Domke 700-10B F-1X Little Bit Bigger Bag, and ONA “The Union Street Camera and Laptop Bag”.

Read Scott’s entire article here: My Answer to the Question – What Camera Bag Should I Buy?

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