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Camera Bag Care

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Mason Resnick Cleans Out His Camera Bag

Let’s face it, camera bags that get used also get dirty.  They can be magnets for dust, shreds of paper, lint, candy wrappers and little bits of the unexplained (ewww — what is that!!???).  For some photographers, they also attract kittens and kitten hair.  More about that in a moment. It’s a good practice — [...]
May 31, 2013 0

How to Protect and Care For Your Leather Camera Bag

Camera bags can be expensive, but leather camera bags can be very expensive.  Although they cost more, quality leather bags can last 20 years or more if well maintained.  Here are a few tips from Korchmar, the maker of fine leather briefcases and bags, to help your leather bag stay in top shape: We don’t [...]
May 30, 2013 0