Brigette at Hummusbird Finds Her Perfect Camera Bag

Brigette at Hummusbird found her perfect camera bag at Etsy:Leftover - small

It’s a beautiful, vintage-looking (yet brand new), handmade brown leather bag with hand-sewn removable foam inserts that can be moved around to your liking. This bag is big enough to fit my Canon 60D with 50 mm lens, plus my water bottle, full-sized wallet, change purse, makeup case, sunglasses, phone, and whatever else I feel like throwing in there — but it’s small enough not to be a nuisance.

The only downside?  It might take a few weeks to arrive if the weather in India isn’t cooperating:

Two weeks after ordering this bag, I noticed that it hadn’t yet shipped, so I contacted the seller… and he responded with the best answer possible. He explained that he was not getting enough sun due to the cold and fog in Delhi — yes, Delhi — and that he needs bright sun to season the bag when he oils it. He gave a few details and then ended on a note that shut me up for good: “I would rather send a bag a couple of days late than send something that is not up to the mark.”

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9 thoughts on “Brigette at Hummusbird Finds Her Perfect Camera Bag

  1. spider_mann says:

    How many camera bags does a typical non-professional photographer have? I have two and am thinking about getting another. Is that normal?

    • Camera bags are like pairs of shoes in that it’s hard to say what’s a “normal” number. Just like some people have one or two pairs of shoes, some people have one or two bags that suit them fine. Others have four or five to fit different occasions and needs. If you have three bags you are easily in the realm of “normal.” If you have a dozen or more, you might want to re-think your strategy (unless, of course, you are in the business of reviewing them).

    • anything less than five bags is abnormal in my book.

  2. photoguy3899 says:

    Are Nikons and Canons DSLRs about the same size, or do I need to look for a bag specific to my brand?

    • Generally you do not need to look for a bag specific to your camera brand unless you want a particular brand on the outside of the bag. However, DSLRs vary in size, so it’s a good idea to know the dimensions of your camera and the bag before you buy.

  3. Is leather or canvas best on a camera bag? Seems like leather would be ruined if it got wet.

  4. spacejamrocks says:

    Thanks. Very helpful.

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